Fluids and Instrumentation


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Hygienic processes 100%
Water Treatment 100%
Refrigeration Systems 100%
Gas Handling 100%
Microfluids 100%
Steam 100%



INLINE turbine transmitter for continuous measurement control with digital display

Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve 2/2 Vias with plastic body, DN 15-100

Conductivity Transmitter

Type 8226 - Inductive Conductivity Sensors

Inductive Conductivity Transmitter with Digital Display

Temperature Transmitter

Type 8400 - Temperature Sensors

PT100 Temperature Transmitter / Switch with digital display

Inclined Seat Valves 2/2, DN 13-65, Pneumatic, Bronze Body or Stainless Steel

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Type 8138 - Level Sensors

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, available by sanitary connection and flange, compact for measuring up to 20m, 4 … 20mA – 2 wire, adjustable with PC and ATEX approved.

T Valve

Type 2032 - Diaphragm Valves

Valve (Zero Dead Leg), Pneumatic, Stainless steel block material, DN 15-100


Type 8030 - INLINE

INLINE sensor for continuous measurement

Diaphragm Valve ON / OFF

Type 2103 - Diaphragm Sensor, ON / OFF and continuous control

Diaphragm Valve, Pneumatic, 2/2 Ways, stainless steel design, DN 4-25

For continuous measurement or “batch” control. Sanitary version, measurements from 0-10 l / h to 0-280 m3 / h

Globe valve

Type 2012

Globe Valve 2/2 Ways, DN 10-100, Pneumatic, Stainless Steel Die-cast Body

Digital Dosing Pump

Type 7800 - Diaphragm Valve

Digital Dosing Pump

Solenoid Valves

Several types

Direct acting solenoid valves for different types of use

Ball-and-socket valves, of different bodies, tracks, in plastic and / or stainless steel and for different applications.

Manuals, Pneumatics, Electromotors and Actuators