Omron provides products, systems expertise and applications in the field of Mechanical and Manufacturing Automation.

The product portfolio includes: PLCs, industrial computers, HMIs, industrial networks, motion control, frequency inverters, sensors, vision systems, security, servo units, temperature controllers, relays, timers, counters, monitoring systems and many other industrial components.


Omron PLC

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Our reputation for quality, reliability and advanced technology is inherent in all our control systems.

We offer intelligent remote I / O, compact PLC CPM, high performance modular CJ1 and the back panel-based CS1 series for large applications.

These control systems are designed for high processing speeds and full transparency. They provide continuous data exchange within your machine and throughout the factory.

All Omron PLCs are programmed and commissioned via the CX-Programmer. The latter is part of Omron’s suite of intelligent automation programs.

Omron E/S Remota

Remote I / O

Omron offers open networks such as DeviceNet and PROFIBUS-DP that easily allow integration into existing installations and ensure compatibility with third-party systems.

We also offer Compobus / S, Omron’s proprietary sensor / actuator bus, for an economical, fast and program-free configuration.

Omron HMI

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

With Omron’s HMI, the difference is obvious!

Perfection in image clarity and unparalleled reliability have been the driving force behind our success. For more than a decade Omron has been a leading global supplier of HMI solutions and industrial touch screens.

Our installed base worldwide has more than half a million units. Our range includes NS family scalable HMIs, NQ series compact touchscreens and NT type function keys. With this wide range we are sure to have the most appropriate HMI for your application.

Needless to say, we have achieved the perfect synergy thanks to Omron’s use of PLCs, motion controllers and networks.

Omron Software


Our software solutions reduce complexity by providing an integrated environment, allowing users to create a modular automation system.

Our concept is to provide a “One Software” that is simple and easy to use. Through Smart Components, our software integrates advanced knowledge to accelerate the entire process: development, construction and maintenance.


Omron Motion Controller

Motion Controllers

High performance machine controllers

Omron Sistemas Servo

Servo Systems

Omron’s range of servo drives is unique in offering the highest dynamic performance with a more compact size.

Add unparalleled reliability to this, and you’ll understand why our range of servos benefits from the largest installed base in the world.

Omron Variadores de Frequência

Frequency Inverters

Omron inverters are specifically designed to move machines. They have been developed to harmonize the control of engines and machines.

Thanks to its advanced design, it provides advanced control up to zero speed, plus precise control for quick cycling and torque control capability in an open and closed circuit configuration.

Created by a true leader in mechanical automation.

Omron Robot Scara

SCARA Robots

SCARA robots offer a complete mechatronics solution for pick-and-place and assembly applications.

All products of the new range of SCARA robots have been designed from the ground up to combine precision with speed. Depending on the model, they may offer a repeatability of positioning up to ± 0,005 mm.

The robots also have optimized reliability and low maintenance, mainly using direct coupling without straps and without electronic parts in their moving parts.


Omron Sensor Fotoeléctrico

Photoelectric Sensors

Industrial-grade photoelectric sensors provide the highest reliability for object detection and passage from short-range to long-distance detection in special environments for special mounting conditions, special objects or special connection requirements.

Omron Sensores Inductivos

Inductive Sensors

Proximity Sensors are available in models using high-frequency oscillation to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects and in capacitive models to detect non-metal objects.

Models are available with environment resistance, heat resistance, resistance to chemicals, and resistance to water.

Omron Codificador Rotativo

Rotary Encoders

Choose the performance you need from the Omron range of incremental and absolute encoders that provide different resolutions, drive shaft diameters and connectivity options.

Omron Sensores de Medição

Measuring Sensors

For maximum measurement performance on all surfaces and objects.

Intelligent sensors are the solution for high-speed and high-resolution applications at any distance.

Easy system integration ensures a “flawless process”.

Omron Sensor Fibra Óptica

Fiber Optic Sensors

For high detection performance with built-in intelligence for more reliable operation and simple information sharing, choose the performance you need from our range of advanced amplifier products and the wide range of sensor heads even for the more demanding applications.

Omron Sensor de Visão

Sensores de Visão e Sistemas

Omron vision sensors are the eyes of your process.

Our vision products offer a variety of degrees of intelligence to enable the most appropriate solution to be selected for your problem.

From “easy to view – program & use” products to high-end, high-resolution engines for networking.

Omron Sistemas RFID

RFID Systems

Omron’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems function as portable databases that allow access and modification of information at any point on the production line, providing an automatic method without contact or line of sight.

The system aim the collection, inspection and distribution of production data.


Omron Interruptor Segurança

Emergency Switches

A basic requirement of safety is to be able to stop a machine in dangerous situations for workers.

Emergency stop equipment stops the machine as soon as possible to protect a person in danger.

Omron Interruptor Emergência

Emergency Switches (Pressure)

Precise monitoring of the position of the safety devices and protective caps of the machines protects the workers. These limit access to dangerous sections of the machine.

Omron Interruptores de Porta

Safety Door Switches

Reliable monitoring of the correct positioning of a door or other safety device is essential in the safety of machinery to protect workers.

Omron Sensores de Segurança

Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are the first choice to ensure the safety of workplaces where people and machines operate.

The built-in intelligence stops the machine in hazardous situations for the worker.

Omron Controladores e Relés

Safety Relays & Controllers

Easy, scalable and intelligent connection and processing of safety-related signals and standard control signals are a basic requirement in the field of industrial automation.

Our range of safety modules and safety relays covers these basic requirements and offers additional functionality.

Omron Sistema de Segurança

Programmable Safety System

The Safety Network programmable controller is the heart of a DeviceNet Safety Network system. The Safety Network Controller hosts the safety application program, monitors the safety inputs and controls the safety outputs.

Either use it as a stand-alone controller or embedded in a DeviceNet network.

Omron Actuação de Segurança

Safety Relays and Actuators

The protection of the workers is finally achieved when the dangerous movement is stopped.

Omron relays and contactors with integrated safety function are designed to reliably and safely stop the machine.

The fastest and most reliable shutdown as a next step in safety integration is provided by drives with built-in safety function.


Omron Controlador de Temperatura

Thermal Controllers

From suitable units to simple thermal applications to advanced controllers complete with communications and programmable profiles, this range is characterized by a number of control modes and a variety of selectable input ranges.

Omron Fonte de Alimentação

Switched Power Supplies

Power supplies are a vital part of any control system, panel or machine, and their reliability is essential for trouble-free operation.

Omron Relés Programáveis

Programmable Relays

ZEN is a compact programmable relay for automation. Easy to set.

We offer you 10 or 20 I / O CPUs that are fixed or expandable up to 44 I / O with or without communication, relay output or transistor, with an analog input and an 8-digit high-speed counter.

Omron Contadores


By providing appropriate solutions to all measurement process requirements, this range includes models for full count, timing, pre-selectable counting and camera-specific positioning.

Omron Temporizadores


This range includes motor timers, electronic timers, digital and standard timers, always available in a wide variety of enclosures and mounting methods to meet customer requirements.

It is characterized by relay, contact and transistor outputs and by a timer interval between 0.001 seconds and 9999 hours.

Omron Indicador Digital

Digital Panel Indicators

This digital panel indicator is compatible with a wide range of input signals (process, temperature, signal / pulse, weight, etc.), which can be displayed according to any required value.

It also includes a display functionality with green / red color change, which clearly indicates the state of a process.


Omron Relés Electromecânicos

Electromechanical Relays

Wide range of general and specific purpose industrial relays with capacity to switch loads of mircoamperes up to 30 A, incorporating various functionalities and contact configurations.

Omron Relé Estado Sólido

Solid State Relays

With an output current range between 2 and 150 A, these solid-state relays fit almost every need; From heating and motor control to general interfaces and applications that only require high frequency switching and no noise.

Omron Comutador LVSG

High Voltage Low Voltage Switchgear (LVSG)

Our LVSG range consists of mini-contactors, motor mini-contactors (up to 12 A), motor contactors (10 to 210 A, 4-pole versions up to 22 A), a full range of thermal overload relays, As well as circuit breakers for motor protection.

Omron Relés Monitorização

Monitoring Relays

Including single-phase voltage and current relays, three-phase voltage relays and leakage controllers and conductive level, this range is suitable for a wide variety of applications in various industries,

Omron Interruptor Fim de Curso

Limit Switches

Extensive range of high quality limit switches that make switching solutions for machines and systems easier and more effective.

Available with a variety of lever with roller or piston heads.

Omron Interruptor de Pressão

Pressure Switches

This wide range of high quality 16 or 22 mm pressure switches provides practical solutions for industrial applications.

Available in various shapes and colors, illuminated versions and non-illuminated versions, and pressure, key and button models.