Compressors | Compressed air networks

- Dimensioning and installation of compressed air plants
- Dimensioning and execution of nets in aluminum tube from diameter 12mm to diameter 110mm
- Collection and treatment of condensates resulting from the compressed air production process


- Preventive and corrective maintenance to multibrand compressors
- Maintenance of piston, screw and vane compressors
- Maintenance of condensate management systems


- Execution of conveyors in aluminum profile of screen or rollers
- Execution of structures, benches and workstations


- Software development in various brands such as Omron, Siemens and Allen Bradley
- Execution of electropneumatic frames
- Automation of existing processes

Energy Efficiency and Audits

- Measurement and recording of various measurable variables in compressed air central: pressure, flow, dew point temperature and electrical consumption
- Leak Measurement
- Calculation of efficiency of compressed air central