Production and Distribution of
Compressed Air

Production and Distribution of
Compressed Air


An efficient and well-sized compressed air network can make your compressed air installation more energy efficient.

We have several solutions to implement in your installation, and according to a previous study, the most cost-effective option that best meets your compressed air needs, while achieving a reduction in costs compared to the compressed air produced.



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INFINITY® Sizing of Networks
INFINITY® Aluminum Networks

Energy Saving

INFINITY's average flow exceeds traditional or galvanized plastic tubes by 30%. At this point, the compressor operates at a lower pressure and you are saving energy (€), which is good for the environment.

Easy Installation

Installing INFINITY is as easy as assembling children's building blocks. Forget the welding of copper pipes, the galvanized steel threads or the screwing of plastic pipes. INFINITY is the perfect solution that facilitates the installation and the work of the technical team.

Total Approach

INFINITY offers a wide range of intelligent compressed air solutions. It is a total system approach with pipes ranging from 20-25 (mainly used in garages, laboratories and craft workshops) up to 63-110mm (required in large industrial complexes).