Production and Distribution of
Compressed Air

Production and Distribution of
Compressed Air

Condensate Management

The condensate resulting from the compressed air usually consists of 99% water and 1% oil. Therefore it requires an effective treatment in order to eliminate condensate contaminated with oil.

The ÖWAMAT® oil-water separator system, which helps your company to be greener and comply with portuguese Decree Law 236/98 and its updating in 2000.

“The emission / discharge of waste water, namely condensates resulting from the compression and treatment process of compressed air, water or soil with values of oils and fats exceeding 15 mg / liter of water (Portuguese Article XVIII of the same Decree – VLE Is 15mg / l). “

To obtain stable emulsions of the contaminated condensates, the BEKOMAT® condensate drains should be used.


Protect your compressed air system, meet legal standards and be proud to be an eco-friendly company.

ÖWAMAT® - Oil / water separator

  • No loss of compressed air, so no production costs
  • Condensate discharge according to the generated
  • Prolonged durability of filter units
  • Approved for separation with and without "free" oils
  • Simple installation at any time in a heating system


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ÖWAMAT® Double Performance Durable Filter
ÖWAMAT® Durable Filter


The BEKO ÖWAMAT® 10-16 units are designed to meet the requirements of your installation. Its continuous improvement has allowed it to become the standard in industrial applications, often copied but never matched.

The ÖWAMAT® 10-16 separators are distinguished by their economy and excellent operation.

ÖWAMAT® Reliability 100%
ÖWAMAT® Reliability 100%
Dimensions adapted to your facilities 100%
No energy costs 100%
Does not require authorization from water supplier 100%
Reduced maintenance 100%
Payback in a few months 100%

BEKOMAT® - Condensate Drain

  • Double performance
  • Easy and simple maintenance through filters
  • Internal sensor that detects all types of condensates
  • High resistance to dirt
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully Automatic Surveillance


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BEKOMAT® The Reference Maximum Performance Minimal maintenance
BEKOMAT® The Drain Reference


Its reliability and, above all, its economical operation and no loss of compressed air have made BEKOMAT® drains the most used in the world, and there are a number of technical reasons for that.

BEKOMAT® is Reliable Economic Gainful
BEKOMAT® is Gainful

The BEKOMAT® condensate drain has obvious advantages over float drains:


High resistance to dirt, better reliability in service. 100%
Equipped with an output for failure warning. 100%
It requires little maintenance. 100%
It allows large flow rates, which helps prevent the formation of emulsions. 100%

Float Drains

Resistance to dirt. 50%
Saída para aviso de avarias 0%
Little maintenance 50%
Grandes caudais 0%

The BEKOMAT® condensate drain has enormous advantages compared to the timed solenoid valves:


It works according to the amount of condensate produced. 100%
Prevents unnecessary loss of compressed air. 100%
It has an alarm system incorporated. 100%
It allows large flow rates, which helps prevent the formation of emulsions. 100%

Timed solenoid valves:

Funciona de acordo com a quantidade de condensado produzido. 0%
Prevents losses of compressed air. 50%
Tem incorporado um sistema de alarme. 0%
Grandes caudais 0%